Pleased to meet you

Bianca, aged 15, October 2009

On Sunday, we had our first filming day for The Teens' Speech film. Meet one of our contributors, Bianca, aged 15 years. A British Ghanian teenager living in London.

"Unfortunately my family and I have not been blessed with wealth. Despite our lack of money we manage to survive and remain optimistic about the future. As a child, I lived in Ghana for five years with my grandmother, one of the first female Generals in Ghana and my grandfather, who was a pharmacist. I currently live with my mother, a single parent wonder woman and my three (not so wonderful) brothers.

"My mother is a hard working woman who has inspired me to challenge myself and try to get the best education possible since she couldn’t.

"I have many interests and always try to get involved in anything and everything; I strongly believe in [seizing] every day as it approaches. In my spare time I keep myself occupied with placements and volunteering.

"In the future I would like to become either a surgeon or work in the creative industry as multiple things including journalism, film, photography and music.

"If I became a surgeon I would love to move back to Ghana and help people there. The majority of Ghana’s population [are] farmers. Many struggle to pay the demanding bills of hospital visits. I hope to build a hospital where people with illness can afford the bills through funds and sponsorship. It may be naive but instead of making people pay with money, they could donate some of their produce, or time, lowering or canceling the cost of their treatment."

If you're aged between 13-19, upload a webcam video on MySpace or YouTube and tell us what's on your mind. The best webcam contributors will join Bianca in the final Teens' Speech film, premiering on MySpace on Christmas Day.