What's wrong with being gay?

Our friend, JoeSYKE, is shocked and baffled at the prevalence of homophobia his community. Do teenagers have a problem with homosexuality, or will his generation herald a new age of tolerance?

Unfortunately, the research suggests that homophobia is an inherent problem among teenagers.

A report published 2 years ago by the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity, Stonewall, revealed that 65% of young leasbian, gay and bisexual pupils have experienced direct bullying. Out of those who have been bullied, 92% experienced verbal abuse, 17% had suffered from death threats and 12% had been sexually assaulted.

It appears we still have a way to go.

But, isn't this yet another example of how teenagers mirror their parents attitudes and behaviour? Don't teenagers have a hard time accepting homosexuality because society in general does?

The odd comment on our YouTube channel bemoans the self-evident truth that teenagers are a product of our shared experience, the gist of it being "They're just repeating what they've been told - this project is a waste of time!"

Of course they are repeating what they've been told. We all do to some degree. But, the far more interesting and thought-provoking thing to take away from The Teens' Speech is that teenagers are a mirror image of ourselves and the society we've created for them.

Our teenagers are stressed, depressed, drinking, taking drugs and having unprotected, underage sex. What does that tell us about the society we've brought them into?