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History repeating itself?

Juvenile violence, public drunkenness, stealing cars, knives, guns and tragic, untimely death. No, it's not a list of the most popular search terms on a tabloid newspaper website, it's the plot of Rebel Without a Cause, released 54 years ago last month.

James Dean was the original Hoodie. A smoking, drinking, car stealing truant with an inarticulate anger focussed on authority figures like his parents, teachers and the police.

54 years ago. Blimey. What did Winston say about history - that we should learn the lessons of history, or be condemned to repeat them? It appears we've learned exactly nothing in the last half-century.

We're still extremely happy to demonise our young.

Fat children took my life

Jarvis enters the debate. It's a wicked tune, brilliant songwriting and I'm sure it's more than a little tongue in cheek. But, it's also an example of how the demonisation of children has become commonplace.