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You thought teenagers didn't get on with their parents, our survey said...

Do you think your parents believe in you?

What did noted psychiatrist, R.D. Laing, say about the family? That it was a social institution based entirely on self-interest and lying? Well, these stats debunk that particular chesnut of anti-psychiatry.

In a recent poll conducted by The Teens' Speech, a massive 88% of young people aged between 13-19 said their parents believed in them.

This paints a surprisingly positive picture of the U.K. and one that completely contradicts UNICEF's Child Poverty Report, which put the children of the United Kingdom 17th out of 21 countries in terms of their family and peer relationships and 17th out of 21 in respect of educational well-being.

You thought teenagers didn't like their teachers, our survey said...

Do you think your teachers believe in you?

The stereotype of the sadistic teacher, hellbent on the systematic torture of their pupils , or the teacher who doesn't care - someone who has given up on the high ideals of imparting knowledge - doesn't appear to exist in the United Kingdom.

In a recent poll conducted exclusively by The Teens' Speech, over 70% of teenagers said that their teachers believed in them.

It seems that despite their own feelings of unhappiness and depression, teachers are continuing to do their very best for teenagers at school. I wonder whether teachers are aware of the high regard in which they are held - would it ease their stress and depression? I think it might.