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The Teens' Speech


On Christmas Day this year, teenage Britain delivered its own message to the nation. Find out more

The Teens’ Speech aired on Christmas Day, 2009.

It was an open invitation to UK teenagers to address the nation, providing young people with the chance to speak out on a range of profoundly important issues. And it gave the rest of us an extraordinary opportunity to see the future through their eyes.

What's Happening

Unparalleled in terms of its scope and reach

We travelled up and down the UK - from cities to leafy country hamlets - filming young people with something to say. Our aim was to provide a glimpse into the future of our country through the candid, outspoken and heartfelt views of its next generation.

Teenagers who uploaded a video clip to YouTube or MySpace immediately joined the conversation. We had in-depth debate and dialogue on Facebook and here, on this blog. Every post, video submission and comment contributed to a diverse tapestry of teenage opinion, created and endorsed by teenagers themselves.

The most thoughtful, insightful and quirky content featured in the final Teens’ Speech film. It was watched over 30,000 times on Christmas day and over 80,000 times in the following week.

Although the project is now complete, our hope is that The Teens' Speech is the beginning of an on-going conversation about the mixed opportunities and difficult challenges faced by young people.